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WWE Live House Show Ring by 1Puppeteer1
WWE Live House Show Ring
The ring from the WWE Live House Show on Sunday March 1st 2015
'You can't see me' WWE Live House Show by 1Puppeteer1
'You can't see me' WWE Live House Show
This was from the WWE Live House Show on Sunday March 1st 2015 Road to Wrestlemania 
Snow White [her real name is unknown] was a girl how grew up in the suburbs, semi-popular, and had a lot of friends. These friends had connections to drugs and they tempted her into trying it. She loved them. Each drug took over her life and she became depressed and grumpy but happy and high all the time. The weed took away the pain of living with divorced parents and her grades plummeted as did her health.

She was always in isolation and she hated when she was sleepy because she was sleep for days and no one cared. She shrugged sneezing off as allergies and she became insane. She ultimately sealed her fate by jumping off the roof of a local food store.
In “Sleeping Beauty”, the King banished Maleficent from their Kingdom, away from his daughter. Out of spite, Maleficent showed up at Aurora’s party and casted her spell on the baby. Although the Good Fairies did grant the gifts to Aurora, Maleficent prepared for this. Since her hog minions fucked up the search, she decided to look for Aurora herself. Maleficent’s crow found the Prince Phillip and Maleficent blackmailed him into telling her his lust he had for Aurora ever since he saw her.
Maleficent then sent her hog minions to take care of the three fairies but to Maleficent’s dismay, the hogs fucked up again letting the fairies help Prince Phillip.

She then uses her dark magic to kill Phillip; he was only wounded but his horse was torn limb from limb.
Phillip kills Maleficent and gets to Aurora but when he kisses her, he drops dead on her body and Aurora never woke up. The reason why he died is because he didn’t love her, he wanted her kingdom and his which is why Phillip killed his own father. Phillip preformed something no one in his kingdom would ever see him do. Imperialize… His conquest of other kingdoms and rule was cut just as he was, by the three fairies.

They killed Phillip and fed his body to wolves. Phillip’s mother ruled her kingdom, making her the first queen to rule. Aurora’s mother and father mourned for years and when they were finally old to rule the kingdom, a blood relative took the throne and everyone lived long and happy when Aurora’s kingdom was rebuilt. No evil came upon them until the fairies discovered that Maleficent was still alive after all that time…Chaos would strike once again and the fairies were powerless to stop her.


United States
I'm a cosplayer, and a lover.

Recommended Artists:
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   Oh my god. My town is having a talent show and I am extremely nervous. But I hope it's a good kind of nervous. 

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